Our Team

Proven Federal IT Experts

S2i2 builds teams of cleared, proven Federal IT experts who leverage RESPONSIVE innovative solutions while designing strong vision, ensuring clients feel SECURE about future performance.

What makes CEO & Founder, Ed Shin, most proud of S2i2?

“Our employees and their devotion to support our customers.”

Ed Shin

CEO & Founder

Business and technology concept. Internet of Things(IoT). Information Communication Network(ICT). Artificial Intelligence(AI).

A few of our talented team members:

Anthony C.
Systems Engineer

Visuttiphan C.
ECAMS Watch Officer

David F.
Logistics Manager

Irenaus I.
Information System Security Officer

Anthony M.
Systems Engineer

David N.
Program Manager

Chris P.
Senior Systems Engineer

Gabriel R.
ECAMS Watch Officer

Alex S.
Program Manager

Ed S.
Chief Executive Officer

Andy T.
Cyber Analyst

Adam T.
Systems Engineer

Yanira V.
Configuration Manager

Team Testimonials

Since I joined the team, I have felt like a part of the S2i2 family. I am treated with respect and as a valued member of the team. If there are any issues or stressors that I encounter that impedes on my ability to do my duties within reason, the team is there to assist or provide guidance as needed. All in all, S2i2 takes care of their own.
– Irenaus I., S2i2 Information System Security Officer 

S2i2 allows its employees to focus on accomplishing their jobs and gives plenty of support to assist in that. The people and culture are very diverse and inclusive.
– Anthony M., S2i2 Systems Engineer

S2i2 does a great job keeping their employees informed and up-to-date with company news via “Ed Talks”.  They also host social engagements to promote networking with employees and clients.
– Andy T., S2i2 Cyber Analyst

S2i2 is a great opportunity for me to learn new skills and meet cool new people who are more than happy to assist me in my career development.
– Gabriel R., S2i2 ECAMS Watch Officer

S2i2 has tremendous growth potential through networking personally and both real world hands-on experience in IT and Management.
– John. L., S2i2 Employee

S2i2 is not only a company for me. It’s another home that has my brothers and sisters inside. My first step in the cybersecurity field started here.
– Visuttiphan C., S2i2 ECAMS Watch Officer

I have stayed at S2i2 because my values align exactly with the values of the company and the CEO. I know that when something major comes up it is going to be handled in the exactly appropriate way that I would agree with—or at least completely understand—why that decision was made.
– Chris P., S2i2 Employee

I love the openness of all the S2i2 upper staff and their willingness to help bring forth success in their employees. From the CEO to the entry-level tech, each person is invested in the success of the company and their fellow employees.
– Adam T., S2i2 Systems Engineer SME

I’m proud to be a part of the S2i2 team because they gave me the opportunity to learn and advance my IT career and supported me through the process. There’s always been an open line of communication where I can reach out whenever help is needed.
– Anthony C., S2i2 Systems Engineer

The benefits with S2i2 are very much comparable to large firms, the caveat being you’re part of a smaller company that promotes an inclusive, family feel.  One where voices and ideas matter and the work we perform is recognized.
– David F., S2i2 Logistics Manager

Some of the professional growth opportunities available at this company are the roles that allow you to cross-train in other areas you are interested in. Also, within the team, there are tremendous opportunities to learn from other team members… The company also provides training opportunities in multiple areas.
– Yanira V., S2i2 Configuration Manager