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Managing the Pros and Cons of Big Data in National Security

by | Sep 19, 2023 | Latest News

Managing the Pros and Cons of Big Data in National Security: How Cybersecurity Partners Can Help

The massive growth of Big Data in recent years has created new challenges around privacy, ethics, and governance. A trusted cybersecurity partner can provide a critical role in helping government and enterprise clients adopt, implement, and maintain big data systems that enhance national security—while respecting individuals’ privacy rights in the digital society.

As with any large amount of securely maintained information, there are pros and cons in using Big Data. Some of the pros include improved risk detection using algorithms; better decision making with accurate and up-to-date information; and, increased efficiency by automating tasks to free up resources. Some of the cons are: privacy concerns—especially if data is collected without knowledge or consent; false positives—leading to unnecessary investigations and potential incrimination; and data overload—making it difficult to identify the most critical threats.

S2i2 plays a critical role in navigating the risks of Big Data. We mitigate the associated risks by working closely with our clients to develop governance frameworks that address ethical dilemmas, privacy concerns, risk management, data quality, trust and accountability, and efficient decision-making. To identify potential Big Data algorithm flaws, we conduct impact assessments, use insightful analytics platforms, and implement data privacy tools. These tools also help avoid biased output and cyber threats.

Big Data has become an essential tool for national security agencies and enterprises around the world for insight, forecasting, and pattern detection. For decision makers, Big Data benefits outweigh the risks. Yet because the risks are real, S2i2 can be a vital partner for designing, implementing, and maintaining your Big Data within a secure and ethical framework. S2i2 helps their clients adopt and manage 21st century technologies with Big Data by mitigating risks around ethics, privacy, and cyber attacks—allowing organizations to maximize benefits while clearing hurdles.

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