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Looking Back to Look Ahead to 2023

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Latest News

As we celebrate the arrival of a new calendar year, the S2i2 team looks ahead with confidence because of what has been achieved in our past.  That corporate confidence springs from CEO Ed Shin’s legacy and our track record of past performance. To understand why looking back powers us into a new year, you need to know Ed Shin’s philosophy. It’s business wisdom and a conviction that diligence, accountability, and service build great companies. Consequently, these fundamental virtues are also S2i2 attributes.  When asked, what makes you most proud of S2i2, Ed is quick to respond with, “Our employees and their devotion to support our customers.” It’s a big reason why new clients and prospective employees view S2i2 as a trusted partner and employer.

Although we can’t control future events or economic trends, we know that the resilience we have demonstrated in the past will serve us well into the future. After graduating from college with degrees in History and Economics, Ed started his career as a stockbroker. Recognizing how much technology would shape the future, Ed reinvented himself and developed his own training program to capture IT certifications across an array of technology platforms. He leveraged this self-education into the launch of his own consulting company. 

That drive to ensure personal relevance in a changing economy is also part of the S2i2 DNA. We make adjustments and invest in the necessary training to ensure our skills remain relevant to client challenges. That corporate agility keeps us focused on the client mission today but also its long term sustainability. It’s another facet of Ed’s business philosophy that emphasizes “good character as more important than skill set and experience.”

At S2i2, “good character” means we invest in people with promise not pedigree. We’re not looking for the perfect resume. We’re a lot more interested in new team members with a desire to grow. It’s the kind of team member Ed believes we can train, mentor, and in some special cases, help launch their own innovative firms. So when we say we’re excited by the potential of 2023, it’s because S2i2 has an extraordinary team standing on a legacy of wisdom, values, and past achievement.

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