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Mastering the Cybersecurity Talent Maze: Navigating Challenges and Crafting Winning Strategies

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Latest News

As S2i2 continues to grow, so does our need to source talent with the essential cybersecurity skills and clearances. Building and sustaining a vibrant talent pipeline is demanding work – it requires a combination of short-term and long-term investments. A recent report concluded there are over 700,000 cyber jobs to fill nationwide, nearly 40,000 of which are in the public sector. Last year, Congress, alarmed by this gap, held a hearing entitled, “Growing the National Cybersecurity Talent Pipeline.” The hearing concluded that growing the talent pipeline, though challenging, is vital to our national security and the private sector cybersecurity companies that support these efforts. 

S2i2 has taken a closer look at a few of the hearing takeaways and has adopted several recommendations for expanding its own cybersecurity talent pool. 

  • Build Partnerships with Educational Institutions: Educational programs, including K-12 initiatives, are essential building blocks for cultivating interest in cybersecurity careers and exposing young students to emerging career opportunities. Internships and apprenticeships were recognized as effective ways to provide hands-on experience and to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world cybersecurity practices. At a practical level, we’re proud of our partnership with HACC (Harrisburg Community College) which enables S2i2 to realize this vision. By collaborating with Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at HACC, S2i2 is able to identify and nurture promising future young and adult hires.
  • Invest in Employee Education and Development Programs: By supporting continuing education and training of their current workforce, companies can enhance cutting-edge cybersecurity capabilities and improve employee retention. At S2i2, we’ve committed to investing in our team, helping our employees gain new skills, and certifications to foster career advancement, while cultivating better talent-to-value for our company.
  • Embrace Diversity and Inclusion: Stakeholders at the hearing spoke of the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion within the cybersecurity workforce. As a minority owned business, S2i2 prides itself on creating an inclusive workplace to attract a diverse range of candidates. This diversity fuels different perspectives and approaches to cybersecurity – ultimately strengthening innovation and spurring improved problem-solving.  
  • Provide Remote Work Opportunities: Since the pandemic, remote work (often with flexible hours) is a more accepted and mainstream way to expand the talent pool. These positions are being sought after by potential employees with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and location statuses. Whenever client projects allow, we’re happy to support this choice for our employees.
  • Leverage Talent Networks: By promoting company culture and values through social networking, sponsoring/hosting in-person events, and volunteering with  organizations such as Wreaths Across America and Smoking Shields, S2i2 attracts like-minded individuals that have the background and skills we look for in our employees.

At S2i2, we address our talent pipeline hurdles head-on, and in doing so, we continue to build our future as a strong and sustainable cybersecurity partner for our clients.

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