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How Cloud Computing is Transforming the Way National Security Organizations Operate: A Cybersecurity Company’s Role

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Latest News

How Cloud Computing is Transforming the Way National Security Organizations Operate: A Cybersecurity Company’s Role

The national security landscape is undergoing a monumental shift as organizations rapidly adopt cloud-based solutions at an unprecedented pace. Cloud computing allows agencies to use on-demand, scalable information technology resources and services rather than building and maintaining their own infrastructure.

The positives of national security organizations adopting cloud computing outweighs the risks – especially when a cybersecurity company such as S2i2 is part of the process from the onset. Cloud computing can analyze massive data sets using AI – using on-demand resource allocation. Real-time collaboration across secure cloud platforms allows security analysts to connect dots and share intelligence immediately, increasing resilience during emergencies and natural disasters. National security organizations can also benefit from significant cost savings over legacy in-house IT infrastructure and focus their resources on core missions rather than system maintenance.

As with any growing technology, cloud computing faces several challenges and risks. Without a cybersecurity company partner such as S2i2, vulnerabilities such as, data breaches and cyberattacks; lack of support for compliance; domestic/international regulatory requirements; the absence of 24/7 monitoring/response to incidents; and cost overruns can be detrimental to a client’s cloud security.

S2i2 is at the forefront of cloud adoption across the national security sector. We empower our clients to fully leverage the advantages of the cloud while mitigating the new risks it introduces. We achieve this outcome by delivering cutting-edge cloud security tailored to scale up within classified environments.

The S2i2 cloud security process starts by assessing and validating the security of third-party cloud providers that are either being considered or already contracted. Once onboard, we help agencies with everything from migrating legacy data and systems to the cloud, to securing the architecture, apps, data, and access controls with custom tailored tools. We can spin up new virtual machines and servers while providing 24/7 threat monitoring/detection and immediate incident response. One of the most important services we provide is best practices training. This instruction can range from basic cloud hygiene principles and methodologies, to ongoing awareness training of the latest cybersecurity threats.

S2i2’s in-depth approach covers the full lifecycle of cloud adoption from assessments before migration, to ongoing training, and real time threat monitoring. With S2i2 as an experienced guide and valuable partner, national security organizations can benefit and harness the power of the cloud revolution without the bane of potential vulnerabilities and threats.

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