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The Quantum Countdown: Preparing Cyber Defenses for 2035 and Beyond

by | May 3, 2024 | Latest News

The rise of quantum computing has ushered in a new data security era, offering both opportunity and risk. In recent years, all sectors have acknowledged that by 2035 quantum computers will have the capacity to easily break encryption systems (such as Shor’s algorithm). These systems currently protect our data, communications, and digital infrastructure from major security threats. That’s why the race is on to develop and adopt new “quantum-resistant” encryption before it’s too late to protect our nation’s data.

In 2022, President Biden, issued “National Security Memorandum 10giving directives to mitigate the quantum riskwhile the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) began to standardize post-quantum cryptography (PQC) protocols. The target date to realize this vision was set for 2035. It will take years to upgrade federal systems to use PQC and will involve arduous and expensive measures to complete.

While 2035 seems far away, our adversaries are collecting encrypted data today with the expectation that they will be able to decrypt it later. While the data may not be current, it gives our adversaries a look at the past and how we progressed. This “collect and crack” approach gives them insight into our future strategies.

Given this context, what is the private sectorespecially cybersecurity companies such as S2i2doing now to neutralize these future threats posed by quantum computing?

  • Research and Collaboration: Cybersecurity firms are researching PQC by exploring quantum-resistant encryption algorithms and protocols. These firms are working directly with agencies such as NIST and larger companies that are positioning themselves as the preferred choice for enterprises seeking protection.
  • Consulting: Firms are offering services to help organizations assess risk by evaluating current data assets and vulnerabilitiesand develop strategies and roadmaps to transition to quantum-resistant encryption. 
  • Solutions: Companies are developing PQC code, digital certificates, and algorithms to be integrated into existing security products. One of the companies we have been looking at in this area is Qrypt. The Qrypt vision for this once-in-a-generation cryptographic transformation is to evolve digital security beyond any single point of failure, including one new PQC algorithm.  Qrypt’s solution uses modern cloud infrastructure to introduce massive redundancy, resilience, and fault-tolerance to provide exponentially higher security guarantees.
  • Awareness: Cybersecurity firms are educating organizations (especially defense and infrastructure) in best practices to be “quantum cyber-ready” through training and certification programs.

 With the quantum encryption threat looming on the horizon, companies like S2i2 are taking efforts to develop innovative solutions to help organizations of all sizes protect their data through continued innovation, collaboration, and consulting. Contact us and learn how we can support your organization becoming quantum-cyber ready.

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